Introduction to The Road To Outstanding

August 10, 2017

In this introduction, Sophie explains the reason for creating the podcast, and what to expect in the future episodes. 

If you're passionate about making a difference to the care sector in the UK, and a difference to the organisation you are working for then this is the podcast for you

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Cedi Frederick - What Makes The Manager Of An Outstanding Care Home?

September 8, 2017

Cedi Frederick is MD of Article Consulting, who recently led the largest research and study of outstanding managers ever conducted in the UK. 

In this interview he discusses the key takeaways from the research and also draws on his own previous experience as a Chief Executive at various care organisations, and how he strived to make a difference in the values and culture of the companies he was in.


"In Our Own Words" The Outstanding Manager Report

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Article Consulting Website

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Nicola Kelly - Outstanding Care Manager Who Refused To Drop Her Standards

September 15, 2017

Nicola Kelly is an oustanding rated manager, who maintained the oustanding rating on a second visit to the home she was managing.

Nicola shares some great stories in this interview which I'm sure many will relate to; including how she felt like an imposter in the early days, how she finds it hard to find work life balance and a great story about one simple change she made in a home that made a big difference.


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Michelle Purse - Why Your Facebook Page Is Your (not so secret) Weapon For Your Company

September 22, 2017

Michelle Purse is a Facebook expert with over 20 years experience of helping very busy small business owners with all of their marketing needs.

She shares why having a Facebook page as a care company is a great way to build trust with potential residents and their families, attract new staff and promote events and fundraisers. The episode is jam packed full of ideas so have a notepad at the ready and if the last post on your Facebook page was a month ago she will give you enough ideas to keep you going for at least the next one!

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