In this final episode of the series I cover some key tips to take your recruitment and retention strategies to the next level.

You’re probably doing all of these things to a certain extent, but I always see more that care companies could be doing to really make the most out of it. After all, recruitment and retention are always hot topics and challenges so why not get the full value out of all the effort you’re making?

I delivered this episode as a talk at Health Plus Care and then again through a webinar which you can watch here.

All the links to everything I talk about are below…

Use Company Values As A Marketing Tool

Practical Steps To Build Company Culture

Do Social Media Properly

Take inspiration from Clarke Care’s Facebook Page

Use free tools like Buffer to schedule your posts

Previous episode on Facebook with Michelle Purse, Facebook Expert

Create And Promote A Wellbeing Policy

Research from A Great Place To Work about well being

Brush Up On Your Induction Plan

6 Steps to perfect induction past episode

Use A Tool To Help You Make Better Hiring Decisions

Learn more about the Judgement Index here


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As always, thank you for listening! Sophie